Science Tests Coming!

Good afternoon!

Miss Barthel’s homeroom will have a science test on Friday for Investigation 1.  They can use their science packet (but should return it to school on Friday), their vocabulary words on lined paper, and their study guide to prepare for the test.  There is also a Quizlet on their iPads to use for studying.  The videos under the title Blogroll on this site are also great review.

Mrs. Monson’s homeroom will have their final science test on Monday of next week. They will fill out and bring home the study guide tomorrow, can use the three Quizlet games on their iPads for the Water investigations, can use their green packet and vocabulary word lists to study for these final tests.

Quizlet search term is barthel4444 no space, pick the science category and scroll down for the water investigation games.

In reading we will have a spelling test on Friday, words are linked above. The vocabulary test is also on Friday and the yellow vocabulary packet is due Friday. All sections except the bottom section on the front page and the bottom section on the back page are assigned this week.

All Flocabulary assignments from the iPad are due Friday.

Cursive packet is due Friday.

My math class has three Home Connections pages due tomorrow: page 33-34-35.

Tomorrow we will attend the 5th grade chorus concert and have a visit from the firefighters to find out which students won the poster contest for Basswood…and hopefully the whole district! Fingers crossed!

On Friday we have our first DARE session with Officer Marinello and the following Tuesday we have our 2nd lesson!

Next Wednesday is our field trip to the Children’s Theater and MIA.  If you like to plan ahead…kids will be asked to bring a cold lunch with all disposable items since food and backpacks are not allowed in the MIA.  🙂



Book Orders due Monday.

Read to Achieve with the Timberwolves and other rewards is in full swing.  For each 100 minutes read and recorded and turned in kids earn STUFF.

Health review and health test are both due on Monday for Barthel homeroom kids.  The health book may be brought home and work may be done at home on both assignments.  Kids have had school time also, so many finished during class time.

Mrs. Monson’s homeroom kids should be studying for the Investigation 2 Science vocabulary quiz and regular quiz, both are on Tuesday. Videos linked to this page under ‘blogroll’ are a fun way to review some of the concepts we have covered as well as Quizlet, which I wrote the search keywords for on my previous post.

Miss Barthel’s homeroom kids can review all the videos on this page under the heading ‘blogroll’. They are a great way to review what we have been doing in science. No quizzes have been assigned as of yet.

Miss Barthel’s math class had a worksheet today on single digit times double digit multiplication, they should have brought it home for a parent to look over so they are sure they are on the right track. 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Barthel


Yellow Vocabulary packet due Friday. Students may work on this at home and at school.

Vocabulary (Greek and Latin roots) test Friday.

Spelling Test (u sounds) Friday.

All Flocabulary assignments are due Friday, except the Irregular Verbs bundle which is due next Friday. Students are able to do these on their iPads and can show you their scores!

My math class, Student Book page 63 due tomorrow.

Today kids were able to shop in the Barthel Boutique, feel free to ask them if they bought anything! 🙂


Did you know…

Our class just finished reading, as a class, the story Tuck Everlasting.  Maple Grove Senior High is putting on the play adaptation this week!  No I did not plan it, yes it is super cool!  All performances are evenings, but if you wanted to do something fun as a family this would be a great thing to do! Here is a link to the article about the play, a quick Google search will also give you access to ordering tickets.



Tomorrow is a PJ or Basswood Spirit wear day in our classroom. Kids may bring clothes to change into if they are worried their pj’s may get dirty during carving.  Kids were told they may bring an extra beverage if they think one bottle of water will not be enough for the afternoon with our snack.  Kids may, but do not have to, bring a treat for classmates to hand out during our fall celebration.

My math class, student book page 51 due tomorrow.

My reading class: vocabulary packet due Friday, rough draft of Made a Mistake writing due Friday, I have also fixed the link on the spelling page above…I had incorrectly attached next week’s words to the page so now it is correctly loaded!


Student Book page 46 for my math group.

Mrs. Monson’s homeroom kids will have their science quizzes tomorrow.

Spelling test Friday, list came home today and last week’s corrected test also came home today.

Vocabulary test Friday, flashcards and list came home today and last week’s corrected test also came home today.

This week’s blue vocabulary packet is due Friday. Kids may always take this packet home to work on as well as use time in class to work on completion of the packet.

Pumpkins have been rolling in…literally in some cases…to our classroom, yay, Wednesday is going to be great!