S-NO-W WAY! Snow is finally arriving!

Please make sure to pack boots and snowpants for fun at recess. Not only do they keep you dry, they keep you warm!

Science…Vocabulary Test tomorrow, Study Guide for Investigation 3 due tomorrow, Investigation 3 Quiz Wednesday, Final Test Thursday, study packet and vocabulary cards due Thursday. DO NOT THROW THEM AWAY! THEY ARE A PART OF THE GRADE!

Math…we just started talking about angles and using a protractor, any parental assistance would be appreciated, kids were reminded to take their protractor and math book home tonight…workbook page 183 and worksheets 127-128

Spelling Test Thursday!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I am thankful that I have a sound mind, ability to find the good in every situation, and that I am able to do what I love for a career. I am thankful for my families safety and for the choices living in our great country allows all of us to make.

Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!


One more school day!

Mrs. Monson’s students in science: Tomorrow will be the final test, your vocabulary and packet are due also. It has been so wonderful having you in my class each day! I look forward to seeing you in the hallways and then again next trimester when we study more earth materials, specifically rocks and minerals.

Miss Barthel’s Math Class: Review packet B

Science for Miss Barthel’s class: see yesterday’s post, there is so much coming up!


Reasons I am thankful: I woke up this morning, my daughter still needs me sometimes, my son needs me for lots of stuff, I am blessed with family beyond most people’s wildest dreams, even though the Vikings did not win…I know there is a game in January…and my son is happy about this win for the Packers so when they lose in January I can remind him that the Vikings lost in November…

Count Down to Thanksgiving!

SCIENCE MONSON’S HOMEROOM…Investigation 3 Quiz tomorrow, vocabulary cards due tomorrow, Final Water Test Wednesday, Packet Due Wednesday

SCIENCE BARTHEL’S HOMEROOM…Investigation 2 Quiz Wednesday, the study guide is due tomorrow so we can make sure answers are correct, Vocabulary Test Tuesday, December 1st…Investigation 3 Test Wednesday, December 2nd, Final Water Test and all vocabulary cards and science packet due December 3rd

BARTHEL MATH…Unit 3 Review Packet due tomorrow, Unit 3 Addition and Subtraction Assessment will be Wednesday of this week

SOCIAL STUDIES…Weeks 4-5 Test tomorrow

What am I thankful for today? Phenomenal parent support, hard-working students, positive attitudes, the ability to laugh, a week off of driving kids to dance class…seriously! 😉



Kids learned about the NFL program Fuel Up to Play 60 today. Every kid can join on the website below and track their activity. Kids earn points for being active and can actually qualify for pretty cool things! One Basswood student last year was not a classroom Fuel Up rep but through the website where he tracked his activity he earned a $150 NFL.com gift card!!! You can be a VIKINGS fan, Packers fan, Seahawks fan, Dolphins fan, or not even an NFL fan to participate and start tracking your fitness! 


I have also added the above link to this site under the blogroll category.



SCIENCE FOR MRS. MONSON’S HOMEROOM..see Thursday post to find out what is coming up…

Math..worksheet 115 all work on graph paper and worksheet 116

Social Studies…Week 5 Review

Spelling Test tomorrow

Please dig out the mittens, hats, boots and warm coats, it looks like winter is finally arriving and I hate to see kids so cold outside! 

See Thursday’s post for Pizza party infomation if you missed it yesterday.


Kids have been invited to show their colors and wear spirit colors to get revved up for Sunday’s border battle game! If you don’t have a preference than feel free to support Basswood and wear your Basswood gear! 4th Graders are invited to a special Fuel Up to Play 60 presentation to learn about a fun opportunity for select Basswood 4th and 5th grade students. Everyone benefits from the program, but only 4th and 5th grade classes get to have representatives that attend meetings and help organize the fun! vg


On Wednesday, November 25th our class will be having an afternoon celebration! If you hadn’t already heard, we WON the school wide competition for most money raised for the FUN RUN! 

As a class we decided to reward ourselves with pizza (not for lunch, but for afternoon snack), a beverage and a movie!

Children may bring a pillow, blanket, stuffed animal and may wear pjs! If children think 2 slices of pizza will not fill them up they may bring a small snack for the afternoon, but do not have to do so.

I am so proud of the kids (and their supportive parents) for being the top fundraisers. I look forward to celebrating next Wednesday and as always am thankful for the students, parents, support staff, staff, and fabulous Basswood community.