Another clue…and a reminder…

If your child is celebrating a June 1/2 birthday or a December birthday I have scheduled the dates for their special celebration and posted them on our class calendar in the room. Let me know if your child wants to do it a different day, it is always fun to spread out the partying and not have two or more celebrating on the same day. 😉 I will be gone from December 14th-18th so if your child wants to celebrate with me present it will have to be before next Friday! If they are okay with me missing out ;( then no worries, the sub will help them celebrate!

Clue for today: (One parent already figured out state, here is a clue to location). Yes, I am showing my age, but come on these tunes are classics!


A Fresh Start

Trimester 1 has come to an end!

Have a great three day weekend and here is the final clue for this week…

Tomorrow is last day of the week for students!

Science…Final Test

Math…Protractor’s Test, Worksheets 129-130

Hat DAY tomorrow!

I will be gone (the square root of 25) days prior to kids being out of school for winter break! I will miss a sing-along and other fun, but will be having fun of my own with my family. Hear is a clue to how I will travel!




Remember…short week for students…No School Friday!

Math…protractor measurement test will be on Thursday. Cut page 184A flashcards apart and place in baggie in time for class tomorrow. Work on packet…all pages through the addition riddles should be completed…no pages after that have been assigned.

Science…Investigation 3 Test tomorrow, Final Test Thursday, vocabulary cards and packet due Thursday.

Spelling Test Thursday

Spelling Packet due Thursday

I have a little secret…my family is going on a special vacation coming up! Stay tuned to my blog to find out when and where! I will miss my students, but family time like this is very special…more information coming up!