Spelling Test Friday

Spelling Sentences due Thursday

Response Journal due Thursday

Math Worksheet 221 1-5

Math Worksheet 222 1-6 on graph paper 7-11



Just a reminder of the dates of testing for my class:

April 27th 12:30-3 MCA Reading

April 29th 9:30-11:30 MCA Math

Please feel free to look up some great websites on the Basswood homepage under internet links to help your child prepare for the tests. 🙂


Spelling Test Friday

Spelling Sentences due tomorrow

Report Cards were sent home with children today, please sign the envelope and send it back or if you prefer you may email or write a note in their planner that says you received their report card and keep the envelope and report card at home.

In today’s Wednesday envelope there is a yellow piece of paper asking for placement information for next year.  This is a great form to fill out if there are learning needs such as being split from a cousin/neighbor/best friend that may cause distraction in the next year’s class for your child. It is also a great way to let us know if there is anything else on your mind about placement and learning styles. This form does not have to be filled out, but can be if you have something to communicate. 🙂

Math worksheet 217 1 and 2 only Math worksheet 218 1-6 done on graph paper and 7-13 not done on graph paper

Signed Science test due tomorrow!