MCA testing in reading tomorrow afternoon 12:30-3:15 for my homeroom class. Please help your student get a good night’s rest and have a healthy breakfast.

Social Studies 50 states test is on Friday.



SCIENCE MRS MONSON’S HOMEROOM…Test Monday, turn in your study guide and vocabulary sheet on Monday also.

Social Studies Miss Barthel’s Homeroom…make sure you are preparing for the 50 states test.

MCA READING FOR MY CLASS WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON! Please get a good night’s rest and eat a brainpower breakfast!

MCA MATH FOR MY CLASS FRIDAY MORNING! Please get a good night’s rest and eat a brainpower breakfast!


Math Practice Packet B pages 20-25

Social Studies 50 states test Friday April 29th

Science for Mrs. Monson’s students, final test Monday April 25th

Hoping the news is not true…a legend whether his music was your taste or not…



Spelling Test Friday

Math book page 368 numbers 21, 22, 23, 24 due tomorrow.  This has been a challenge for some kids so please help them check their work. For each problem they are to compare, add and finally subtract the fractions.  This is three separate things to do, not a continuous problem!

SCIENCE Mrs Monson’s homeroom kids…Final test Monday April 25th. The study guide number 1-15 and vocabulary definitions are due Monday. These items will be a part of the grade!

SOCIAL STUDIES my homeroom class, 50 states test Friday the 29th.  STUDY!!!

My Weekend

What a busy, but fun weekend…just to share a few highlights, I hope you had a great one also!

All competition group picnic for the whole family, notice only my backside in picture #3, but Jeremy and Zachary are visible, Ciara and I must be trying to stay away from paparazzi. 😉  Belle at a friend’s birthday party, Zachary’s Senior Prom…not pictured, bonfire with friends, dance practice, bowling, laser tag, game room…and more!


Spelling Test Friday

Spelling Sentences due Friday

Math worksheet 241 5-8 and finish the MCA review packet A

Miss Barthel’s homeroom, social studies test on all 50 states is next week….STUDY each night, it is tougher than you think!

Mrs. Monson’s homeroom, Science Final test on Magnetism and Electricity is next Monday.  Begin studying vocabulary today and a study guide will come home tomorrow.


Math…worksheets 239-240 due tomorrow

Social Studies no homework

Science for Mrs. Monson’s students: Final test will be on the 25th of April.  Kids can begin to study vocabulary words, study guides will go home Tuesday of next week.

Spelling Test tomorrow

Main Idea review packet due tomorrow

Upcoming dates to remember:

Wednesday April 20th…Summer of the Wolves author visit

Wednesday April 27th…MCA Reading Testing 12:30-3:00 (my homeroom)

Friday April 29th…MCA Math Testing 9:30-11:30 (my homeroom)

Thursday May 19th…MAP Reading Testing 12:30-3 (my homeroom)

Tuesday May 24th…MAP Math Testing  9:30-11:30 (my homeroom)

Monday May 30th…No School Memorial Day

Wednesday June 8th…MN History Center field trip

Thursday June 9th…4th grade afternoon at the park…LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!