Coming Events

Tuesday, May 24th MAP MATH TESTING 9:30AM-11:30AM

Friday, May 27th CRAZY SOCK DAY

Monday, May 30th No School MEMORIAL DAY

Tuesday, June 7th EGG DROP 10-11:30AM, parents are invited, more details to follow, kids will bring home information on this event after our meeting on May 31st

Wednesday, June 8th MINNESOTA HISTORY CENTER field trip, parents may chaperone, note is coming home today

Thursday, June 9th 4th GRADE AFTERNOON AT THE PARK, more information to come, this is not a picnic, just a time for kids to say goodbye to their classmates and have some fun




Pizza Party and Beach Day on Friday! Pizza is $1 per slice, money is due Friday morning, we will have pizza Friday afternoon…not as a part of our lunch. 🙂

Math worksheets 257-258

Spelling and Vocabulary tests Friday.


Spelling Test and Vocabulary Test on the same words, MAN MANU roots will be on Friday.

Math 253-254 due tomorrow

Science Magnetism quiz tomorrow

Beach Day this coming Friday!

Upcoming Events and Updates

I would like to start by saying thank you for your patience. I had quite the week last week…darn those spring germs.  I think the sun this week will help kill off all the lingering bugs, if nothing else it sure gives a great feeling with all that vitamin D!

A very important volunteer opportunity is going to be coming your way, field trip chaperone for our last field trip of the year!  On June 8th we will visit the Minnesota History Center for an all day field trip! Check this day and see if you will be able to join us! I will be taking any and all adults that volunteer, with the one caveat that most parents will need to drive themselves or carpool if we have a lot of volunteers. 🙂

So here is a run down of upcoming dates to remember, as I know them now:

May 13          Beach Day

May 19          NWEA/MAP reading testing for my homeroom

May 24          NWEA/MAP math for my homeroom

May 30          No School Memorial Day

June (last week, date not set yet)     Egg Drop, more info to come!

June 8            Minnesota History Center Field Trip

June 9           Student Last Day/ Basswood Park 12:30-3 for 4th grade, no picnic!