Upcoming Fun! and other stuff too

For fabulous 4th grade behavior in the common areas of school the kids have earned their first celebration! On the afternoon of the 7th around 2:30 we will be having pizza ($1 per slice) and I will provide a beverage and a dessert…we haven’t decided what we will be doing, so information on that will follow.

The Fun Run is tomorrow, dress for FUN!!! The theme is Olympics and the kids will have stations of fun.  All pledges turned in by tomorrow count toward the incentives, so please remind your child to turn in the envelope tomorrow, late money will be accepted but won’t count towards Mr Smith in costume or a pie in someone’s face!!! Kids may bring a water bottle, but please make sure it is labeled.

Math assignment…worksheets 75-76 due tomorrow. Cut out the squares on page 100A and place them in the baggie by tomorrow. Kids can bring home their math book each evening if their parent would like them to do so, it sometimes comes in handy for helping out.

Fire Safe Packet due October 28th.

Media Tomorrow

Please remember to sign up for conference times, slots are filling quickly…I look forward to seeing you and discussing your fabulous child! 🙂


Homework…for real!

Thank you for your patience as I have been sick, last week, and yesterday we said goodbye to Jeremy’s Grandma Jean. Hopefully, I can be here from now on, life sure gets crazy!  13680871_10208435645642396_434191764917799841_n

Tonight is the first night that many kids have homework!

Children that have me for a math teacher were assigned one two-sided-worksheet, pages 73-74, due tomorrow.

Children in my homeroom were asked to bring home their Morning Jazz packet if they needed to finish pages and are behind. Not every student needed to bring the packet home since many children were able to finish the work in class.

On Monday the Fire Safe packet came home.  This packet is due on October 28th, but may be turned in whenever it is signed and completed.  This is a required assignment and will be a part of this trimester’s health grade.

Friday Information

Our first digital citizenship lesson just ended. After 3 lessons with Mrs. Skarpol the kids will have the chance to take a quiz and earn their iPad ‘license’…just a fancy way to get the kids to learn about the responsibilities of iPad usage.  🙂  On October 13th all 4th graders will be issued their iPad to use for this school year.


If you have not had the chance to sign up for insurance your child will still be issued an iPad but will not be able to bring the iPad home from school.  The iPad insurance can be purchased through your district Fee Pay account. Please let Mrs. Skarpol or myself know if you have any questions.

No homework!!! Enjoy the weekend and get lots of rest to keep the cold/flu/yuck bugs out of your house…trust me the stuff going around is not fun at all.


Our field trip is Thursday.

Here is the information you may want to know:

We will leave Basswood at 9:15.

Students should bring the following: clothes for the weather, we are outside no matter what!!!

Umbrella, old shoes, extra socks, mittens, hats, sweatshirts and layers are encouraged.

All students will be carrying their own backpack that has their lunch inside it and any clothes/layers they want to bring.

Water bottles are encouraged for when we are walking around the park.

You may bring a separate beverage for lunch.

You must pack a cold lunch.

You may bring a camera or electronic device to take pictures, but you are not allowed to use WIFI or play games during any presentations or lunch times.  You are responsible for any item you bring…at your own risk!

You may bring money. You are responsible for the money…bring at your own risk. There is usually kettle corn and a few trinkets and candy items for sale, but no one HAS to bring money. We will only shop briefly after our lunch time.


IPAD PARENT MEETING TONIGHT!!! This is the first year that 4th graders are participating in the iPad program.  From what I have been told insurance and responsibilities of using the loaners will be discussed this evening. All 4th and 5th grade parents are invited to attend. I will not be able to attend due to a mandatory meeting for my daughter down in Eden Prairie.

No homework this evening.

Field trip next Thursday. More information to come.  If you volunteered to chaperone you have been contacted by me…please let me know if you can not make it.

Have a great night!