No Homework for Mrs. Monson’s homeroom science kids.

My math class, area and perimeter of complex figures and filling in the missing measurements test will be Monday. A review packet was sent home to be completed over the weekend.

My science homeroom class, no test date yet, we have a bit more to cover before testing.

Wear orange on Monday for our fall celebration. Children may bring treats to hand out but are not required to bring anything.  The rule is to bring a store made individually wrapped treat (anything you want).  Bring carving tools even if you didn’t bring a pumpkin because too many tools is better than not enough!  Remember all tools must be kid safe.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Barthel



Thank you for the pumpkin donations…we have 6 pumpkins so far! Still needed: a parent volunteer to carve out pumpkin tops on Monday from 12-1.

Test in Science for kids from Mrs. Monson’s homeroom class.  There will be a vocabulary quiz and a quiz on the experiments we did in class.

No test yet for kids in my homeroom for science.

Spelling test and vocabulary test tomorrow in reading on words with the audi root and the anti prefix.





Fall Celebration October 31st 1-3, see previous email for more details

Mrs. Monson’s Science…vocabulary test Friday…vocabulary cards can come home starting today for studying purposes, please bring them back to school on Friday.

Miss Barthel’s Science…Investigations 1 and 2 finished today…vocabulary to be completed tomorrow…vocabulary test Tuesday…they don’t have the words to study yet, but will have them by tomorrow

Math…work on fact practice, speed and accuracy…test on complex figures with missing side measurements, perimeter and area will be Friday

Spelling Test Friday…list came home Monday

Vocabulary Test Friday…flashcards and list may be taken home but should be brought back each day so we can use them in reading if needed…yellow packet due Friday

So it begins…

Today was our first day of having all classes and really doing all the routine things without interruption, we conquered the schedule like champions!!!

Science Mrs. Monson’s class…finishing up Investigation 1…tomorrow the kids will bring home their vocabulary cards to study for Friday’s vocabulary quiz.  On Wednesday and Thursday they may bring their packets home to study the information for the first quiz on the investigation which will be Friday.  Both items, the vocabulary cards and the packet should be returned to school once they are done studying. We will add to both as the trimester progresses.

Science Miss Barthel’s class…begin Investigation 1, testing will most likely be on Monday or Tuesday of next week.  Keep an eye on this BLOG and in the planners for exact dates.

Math…complex perimeter with missing measurements…this is challenging for the kids so please feel free to give them any tips for success that you can think of, the test on this concept will be Friday if all goes as planned.  Tonight their assignment was to complete missing measurements and perimeter for the problems on page 116. Do NOT do area yet, we are just beginning this and are not ready to do it on our own. 🙂


Help needed:

  1. Someone to shop for apples,  juice boxes, popcorn and caramel (I will reimburse you with classroom funds)
  2. 2-3 parents to help carve the tops off of pumpkins while the kids are at lunch and recess (to keep knives out of the classrooms when children are present) 12-1
  3. PUMPKINS…donated…not too big, but we are aiming to have at least one pumpkin for every 3 kids, donations can be sent any day this week
  4. KID SAFE CARVING TOOLS…big sturdy spoons, those little serrated things and the poking type tool…no knives!!!
  5. CLEAN UP AND SERVING HELP…one or two parents willing to help prepare the snack to be served and then help with pumpkin mess too


Have a great break!

Refresh, rejoice in the beautiful weather and rejuvenate…see everyone on Monday!

In case you hear the dreaded ‘I’m bored’ in the next few days feel free to have your student finish up that Fire Safety booklet or PRACTICE MATH FACTS!!!



Science and Social Studies switching began today! Mrs. Monson will be teaching social studies to my homeroom while I teach about the Earth Material, water, to her class.

Today was Officer Marinello’s last day with our class.

Wednesday is bullying prevention and awareness day…wear orange.

No math today or tomorrow due to naturalist and DARE.

Naturalist for my class is tomorrow.  Please dress for the cooler weather since we may be going outside.