4 Day Week Ahead!

Spelling and Vocabulary Tests will be on Thursday this week instead of Friday since school is not in session on Friday.  The vocabulary packet is also due Thursday.

TOMORROW is the science, Investigation 2 Water Vocabulary test for kids in my homeroom class.

Kids from Mrs. Monson’s homeroom class should receive their tests back tomorrow, I was waiting for Barthel Bucks since there were so many fabulous tests, I wanted to reward the kids for their hard work in class and studying.

Miss Barthel’s math class, worksheets 115-116.  Tomorrow we begin the next geometry unit. 🙂


Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for all of you! Your children make me smile each time I see them and make my job something I love very much! Have a great holiday break and take care!

Miss Christine Barthel



Pizza Party with Miss Barthel’s homeroom kids tomorrow. $1 per slice, 2:15 start time.

Investigation 2 Test and Vocabulary Test on 11-29 for Miss Barthel’s homeroom kids.

Final Water test and Water Vocabulary test for Mrs. Monson’s homeroom students will be tomorrow, tomorrow is also our last day of science for this trimester.  Make sure science packets are brought back tomorrow, this is where the kids recorded all their experiments.  I collect and give points for these packets. 🙂

Math…Unit 3 Review due tomorrow…tomorrow is our last day of the large numbers unit, next week we begin another geometry unit.

No spelling or vocabulary this week!



Reminder to my homeroom students…please bring fully charged iPads tomorrow! We will need them!

Spelling Test and Vocabulary Test Friday! (spelling list is attached on the link above this post!)

Time For Kids Quiz due Friday

Vocabulary Packet due tomorrow!

Miss Barthel’s math class…math book page 158, use graph paper for all problems numbers 9,10,13,14,15,16,17

Mrs. Monson’s homeroom science class…Investigation 3 Vocabulary Test Friday…Final Vocabulary Test 11-22

Miss Barthel’s homeroom social studies class…Chapter 3 Lesson 2 was covered today


Spelling and Vocabulary Test on hydra- -ance -ence and -ness words Friday.

Book Orders due tomorrow!

Math book page 156 #6 and #7 only.  All addition problems with a number that has 3 digits or more must be done on graph paper, we worked on that and talked about neat work today.

Mrs. Monson Homeroom students in my Science class…Investigation 3 Vocabulary Test 11-18…Final Vocabulary Test (all words from all investigations) 11-22



Did you see the new tab up above? I am going to add spelling lists each week so parents can access the lists in case their student forgets…which I know never happens…right?

Vocabulary Test and Spelling Test on Friday

Handwriting Packet due Friday

Vocabulary Packet due Thursday

Math…worksheets 95-96

Science for Mrs Monson’s homeroom…Investigation 2 Vocabulary Test and Experiment Test…Monday, November 14th

Science for Miss Barthel’s homeroom…Investigation 1 study guide came home today…Investigation 1 test will be on Monday, November 14th

Social Studies Chapter 2 Test is tomorrow for Miss Barthel’s homeroom kids


Spelling and Vocabulary Test Friday

Vocabulary Packet due Thursday

Handwriting Packet due Friday

Math worksheets 93-94

Science…Mrs. Monson’s homeroom…test on Investigation 2 vocabulary and concepts Monday, November 14th