Strong Finish

This week we are having a blast learning while enjoying the spirit of the season.  Ask the kids about our hallway…it is amazing!15665710_1171587899561499_7165181589756092953_n

Most kids have brought home their art project of candy canes and glitter…sorry about the glitter it seemed like a good idea at the time…but they turned out so wonderful I am hoping parents can find a good way to preserve the art for future use whether it is a frame without glass or laminating (which may take away a little shine).

Finishing out this week our numbers will go down since many kids are leaving early.  Please make sure you email or call the office or me so we are aware of your absence and it can be marked excused.

Tomorrow at 9:10am the kids will attend the annual sing-along, usually it is the day before break but due to unforeseen circumstances it is tomorrow.

Thursday is a busier day, see below:

PJ Day, school acceptable attire please.  Slippers okay in the classroom but not in hallway areas due to wet floors. One stuffed animal OR one blanket OR one pillow allowed as an accessory for my class.

Dice game with $1-$2 gifts.  We will be doing this around 9:45, so if you are picking your child up early, no worries.  We have had donations already, feel free to keep sending them. I will be providing items also…this is my first time doing this with a class…I am super excited!

Spelling Test…not quite as exciting as the other two entries, but still happening that day!

Spelling Packet due Thursday.

Final day before winter break so please make sure your child has an extra bag or two so they can bring home extra outdoor clothes and get them cleaned over the break…4th grader snow pants/mittens/hats get smelly quick!



Spelling List for Next Week

20 words!!!


candy cane





Christmas tree

jingle bells

Santa Claus













Math…perimeter and area of triangles, worksheet 135 and Place Value packet page

Vocabulary and Spelling Tests tomorrow

Optional Activity: We are going to play the dice game to celebrate making it successfully through first trimester and the upcoming new year!  This is a totally optional activity from the parent perspective.  Kids may bring in a homemade or $1-$2 item wrapped and ready for the game.  If they do not bring in an item they will still get to get an item since I will provide enough items to make sure everyone has at least one gift! They have earned two ‘Notes of Praise’ from music this year and to be honest that is a record for any class I have taught so I figured this treat would be the game instead of the same old thing!

Finally, kids should dress for outside recess for tomorrow in case the temperature stays above zero as predicted…we go outside unless it is below zero air temp or wind chill. Outdoor recess would be so awesome with all the snow they have yet to play in and they need to get their energy out…it has been a long week!

Oh, the weather outside is frightful…

So cold! Please have kids bundle, most recess times will be inside this week, but you never know, if it warms up during the day the kids would go out!  Mittens, hats and jackets are a must and snow pants and boots are always a good idea in this cold!

Math for Miss Barthel’s class, packet…3 pages of secret code riddles addition due tomorrow

Spelling and Vocabulary Tests will be on Friday.  List 11, attached to the link above this post.  Vocabulary Packet due Thursday.


DRESS WARM!!! Recess is outdoors until temps are even colder than today and many kids were quite miserable after 30 minutes of outdoor recess!

Miss Barthel’s Math Class…kids were assigned the first two pages of their packet today.  Multiply by 6 and Multiply by 7 are the titles of the pages. Tomorrow they will bring home an assignment about triangles and how they can be named by angled or sides.  Make sure you review these concepts with your student, they are easy once they understand yet confusing for the kids at first.

Spelling Test on Week 9 words will be Friday. The packet that goes along with the words is due Thursday and the Vocabulary Test for the words is Friday. I attached a file to last week’s blog post as well as in the Spelling category above this post…just in case your child forgets the words at school.

Book Orders will be due December 12th. The orders will be delivered prior to holiday break so feel free to shop away for great Christmas gifts…I can keep a secret if you need me to so just send me an email if you want anything kept out for you to pick up instead of letting your kids see the order. 🙂 One of my nieces is receiving a whole bunch of Pinkalicious books and the other is receiving some ‘good’ teen books as per her request, I was able to get a lot more for my money than at other retailers!




Miss Barthel’s Homeroom students will have their FINAL water test on Tuesday, December 6th.  This includes all the information learned and recorded in their packets as well as all of their vocabulary words for investigations 1-3.

I have already attached next week’s spelling/vocabulary words in case you want to get a head start with your student. 🙂

Have a great three day weekend with your kids!