After 2 days of workshop, it felt so good to be back doing what I love!  The kids were wonderful and the sub was top-notch! They accomplished a lot.

Today I did not give any math homework to my class.  If your child is still struggling with two digit times two digit multiplication feel free to have them do a couple practice problems for you, otherwise math fact proficiency with flashcards or online games is always something they can work on for our class.

The vocabulary test for all the Greek/Latin number prefixes and rupt words will be tomorrow.

Spaghetti dinner tomorrow! I will not be there due to my kids having dance and our good friends asking to meet with us in regards to their wedding…will Jeremy have to wear a tux???  I guess we will find out tomorrow. Have a great evening!



Feeling much better about math…thank you to all the parents that helped out over the weekend.

I will be gone Tuesday and Wednesday at a mandatory Beyond Diversity training.  If there are any important notes or emergencies please contact the office as the training is 8-4 both days and I will not be able to check my emails.

No spelling test this week, but there is a vocabulary test on all number prefixes as well as the rupt words from last week…on Friday.


Tomorrow is decades day.

Math…kids are learning to do 2 digit times 2 digit multiplication.  Please check over their work each evening.  We work a lot in class, but nothing compares to one-on-one instruction from an adult that is proficient in the skill! Worksheets 163-164 are due tomorrow.  All the problems on 163 should be done on graph paper with all work showing.

Spelling test tomorrow.

Mrs. Monson’s homeroom class…all art projects from last week in art are due Friday!


Good afternoon!

I am requesting that the kids in my math and homeroom classes begin bringing their iPads to school charged and ready each day.  It is good preparation for 5th grade where it is required as well as I am hoping to get much more into using the iPad as a resource this second half of the year.

Math…4 problems from math book page 238…children must show their work for all four 3 digit times 1 digit multiplication problems.  All the kids were shown how to do traditional short-cut multiplication (like most moms and dads know), so they may choose any method as long as they show their work and are consistently successful.  I have been encouraging my students to use their multiplication fact chart to help them with accuracy during class since messing up one fact messes up your whole answer, which can cause some kids to think they are ‘not getting it’ when in reality they are just getting facts wrong!

Our spelling test this week covers only 5 words.

Our vocabulary test on the five words from spelling as well as all the number prefixes will be next week on Friday.  Next week there will be no spelling words!


Math Worksheet:

151…all problems must have work done and shown on GRAPH paper!

152…1-9 on GRAPH paper and the rest of the page can have work done on the worksheet itself

Health worksheets 21-22



Math…worksheets 147-148…we tried out the traditional multiplication method for numbers that are 2 digit times 1 digit such as 8 x 54 and 4 x 39.  Many kids were still struggling with the idea of adding the carried number to the product from multiplying the tens times the ones (example: if you are doing 39 times 4 first you do 9 x 4=36, bring the six down and move the three up to the top above the number 3 in 39, then I have the kids put a plus after the 3 they just wrote so when they multiply 4 times 3 they can put 12 up above after the plus sign which will remind them to add 12 + 3 before writing a total down below)20170109_145239 …so if a parent is able to work with them tonight at home they may use traditional method, otherwise they are more than welcome to use the rectangle method we have been using as long as they are successful they may use either one.  I do require them to show their work, without work they will be asked to stay in at recess to catch up and show the missing work they used to get their answers.

Art for Mrs. Monson’s homeroom students…we began a cute catching a snowflake drawing that Mrs. Schutte shared with us.  This week we will focus on Emphasis as we spend our time learning art terms and concepts and doing a few drawings/projects.

Homeroom students have a spelling test and vocabulary test on Friday. New words are on the spelling page above and your child also received a list to bring home.

Money is still being collected for the town in Mexico that we have adopted to help with school supplies…the children are not allowed to attend school at all if they do not have the supplies…so this is an important fund raiser for their future success!



Math homework…worksheets 143-144

iPad System update…please remind your child to update their operating system with the updates, it works better if they do it when it is convenient for them, otherwise the district will do it remotely which could interrupt what they are doing or their usage until it is updated.  The iPad should be 50 % or more for power and should be plugged in.  The update will take about 45 minutes.

Science for Miss Barthel’s homeroom…we just started Earth Materials-Rocks and Minerals…no homework yet

Student Supply drive starts today and goes through next week…information was sent in last week’s Wednesday envelope