Hoping this will happen…

Tomorrow is supposed to be the day Jeremy and I get to see ourselves in the Let’s Make a Deal audience!  We are hoping it airs since they told us the date almost 6 months ago…so if you have nothing better to do tune in to WCCO for Let’s Make a Deal on Friday to see if I get my 15 seconds of fame as an audience member. I have attached a picture so you can see what you are looking for…we have been told we are ‘hard to miss’ in our costumes, I am not sure what that means?! 😉13924860_10206584678207773_4487544648923132215_n

To put my teacher cap back on…I am assigning no NEW homework for any classes.  The only assignment I have is for the kids to GET OUTSIDE during this beautiful weather weekend and enjoy the simple life of playing without electronics. 🙂



The last two weeks have been all about survival for me…it began with falling on the ice on January 30th on the workshop day followed by my son having a fever for two days, my coming down with the cold of the decade and of course having conferences sprinkled in to all the fun!  I AM BACK! I am glad to be back to getting things accomplished so here is an update of what you may want to know.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  Mrs. W was kind enough to shop for the dessert and beverage for our afternoon party.  We will have pizza at 2:30 while we play our electronic device and hand out Valentine cards/treats.  Treats/cards are optional…if a child does bring them they should bring 28 for their classmates.  Boxes are not needed, but students are welcome to bring a past creation to put their cards in, I will provide bags for those students without an alternate container.

Spelling Test and Vocabulary Test for this week will be on Thursday.

In math we began learning about division…an assignment came home tonight…do not have the kids complete all the pages.  Only numbers 1 and 2 on 185 and 1-30 on 186.  So far we have not done the traditional division.  We are just talking about how many times a number goes into another number. They should be able to show you their work how I taught it or at least explain how they got their answer…and ‘I guessed’ is not an acceptable response. 😉

In Science with Mrs. Monson’s homeroom kids…they took the tests today and received them back graded already! I was impressed with the results. Studying and listening in class has paid off for many of the students.

My class is working on Health in Mrs. Monson’s room.

Have a great day!

Miss Barthel

Conferences begin tomorrow!

In math there was one side of a two sided worksheet as homework…page 167. We will be assessing today, tomorrow and Friday to finish up our multiplication unit.

In social studies we have started Chapter 5, completing lessons 1 and 2.

In science (Mrs. Monson’s homeroom students) have been studying mock rocks.

In reading and language we received spelling and vocabulary lists yesterday.  The words have the root of meter or prefixes pre- fore- ante- post-  Please help your child prepare for both tests as both are a challenge but totally possible for your child to pass with a little studying.  They also will have work from a Time for Kids to also complete by Friday. Students are welcome to bring any and all work home as long as they complete it on time and get it turned in.

Last day of Book Fair is tomorrow.

Kids should show up with a charged iPad each day.

As always, let me know if you have any questions. 🙂