Hoping this will happen…

Tomorrow is supposed to be the day Jeremy and I get to see ourselves in the Let’s Make a Deal audience!  We are hoping it airs since they told us the date almost 6 months ago…so if you have nothing better to do tune in to WCCO for Let’s Make a Deal on Friday to see if I get my 15 seconds of fame as an audience member. I have attached a picture so you can see what you are looking for…we have been told we are ‘hard to miss’ in our costumes, I am not sure what that means?! 😉13924860_10206584678207773_4487544648923132215_n

To put my teacher cap back on…I am assigning no NEW homework for any classes.  The only assignment I have is for the kids to GET OUTSIDE during this beautiful weather weekend and enjoy the simple life of playing without electronics. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Hoping this will happen…

  1. We did make it onto the show! I am going to show the kids this afternoon since it is free to view for 5 days on the Let’s Make a Deal website…it was so much fun to see the final result.


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