Book Titles and Video Link

Good morning!

Today was our first of two days of Family Life.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Boys were with me and girls were with Mrs. Monson.  Two books the boys’ group were introduced to as resources (I showed them the cover and will use district approved page numbers) are mentioned below.





Good morning!

Report cards will come home on Wednesday. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Tomorrow is the 4th grade recorder concert.  Students should wear school colors during the day and green or white at night.  The evening concert is required for all 4th graders, please contact Mrs. W-K if your child cannot attend.  Students may arrive beginning at 6:45. There is not supervision prior to that time and the doors to the school may be locked.  Once your child has headed back to their classroom feel free to find a seat in the gym.  After the concert please only send one adult to your child’s room to ‘pick them up’.  It is much safer to have the kids wait for you than set them loose…

Math worksheet 201 all problems and 202 1-7 only are due tomorrow.

Vocabulary and spelling tests will be on Friday.


Happy Sunny-Day!

Math…we are finishing up basic long division, if your child has not become comfortable with this skill, please make sure to continue to practice with them at home.  We are working on MEAN (average) MEDIAN MODE and RANGE.  The mean has been tough because it relies on multiple steps and accuracy at each step.  Most are starting to comprehend, but parental help is always appreciated.  As we near testing I want to let parents know that math is getting more rigorous, we will be learning fractions, decimals and continuing to hone our skills in division and multiplication.  Thank you for your continued support of you student as this year progresses.

Spelling and Vocabulary Tests will be Thursday this week due to the 4 day week for the students.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS…RECORDER CONCERT 7PM MARCH 14!!! This is required for all students.  Ironically, I will not be able to be there…thank goodness it is not required for me…since my daughter has a mandatory band concert the very same evening! I will get to see the kids perform at 2PM for the school…if you have never attended the concert you will be amazed on the fabulousness of your student and how wonderful Ms W-K is at teaching music and preparing a top-notch event!

Science…we are finishing up our rocks and minerals unit.  No more testing, just a lot of fun experimenting and learning.