NO Spelling or Vocabulary this week!

Due to upcoming testing, a four day week, and the need for a mental break…we will not have any spelling or vocabulary list this week! No packet either.



I have added the new spelling list to the blog page.  Kids also received a copy of the list to bring home. 🙂

Art for Mrs. Monson’s homeroom students…kids have two assignments due by Friday. If the Sketchbook drawing is completed by tomorrow that would be even better!  Assignment 1 is a self portrait, drawn and colored

Assignment 2 is an iPad app generated self portrait


Shape Up and Hoo’s There due tomorrow

Worksheets 219 and 220 due tomorrow

Reading MCA testing is Wednesday morning of next week

MCA Testing Approaching!

Miss Barthel’s homeroom class will be MCA testing on the following days: Reading on April 12th, Math on May 2nd.  Both testing times are in the morning right after phy ed or music. Write these dates down as they will not change…I will update prior to testing on how to prepare! 🙂

Math…we began working with coordinate grids, their worksheet titles Coordinates (1) is due tomorrow and they may begin working on the shapes graphing/drawing but it is not due tomorrow, it will be due Wednesday.

Art…kids from Mrs. Monson’s homeroom will be using their iPads and an app called Sketchbook to try out a drawing project…please charge your iPad each evening so it is ready for the next day.

Lesson 26 spelling test will be Friday.  Spelling test lists did not get handed out today, I will get them to the kids tomorrow.  Vocabulary white papers and yellow packets may come home to work on but the yellow packet must be returned on Thursday.  I have heard from parents that kids say their work cannot come home…yes it can…it just needs to be returned by the due date.

Western Day is Friday…woohoo buckaroos…bring on the fun!