Have a wonderful long weekend!

No new homework, the only work your child may have was work that was assigned and is overdue. Please turn in missing work ASAP.

Below are pictures of the Fun Run…not a lot of running, but a ton of fun! 🙂20170929_13490220170929_13490620170929_13520020170929_13520220170929_13520420170929_13520520170929_13520920170929_13521820170929_13522520170929_13523120170929_13524020170929_13561520170929_13565320170929_13592320170929_135925(0)20170929_135925



IMPORTANT!!! 1st science quiz tomorrow.  Kids brought home their study guide, packet and vocabulary cards to study from.  Please make sure they bring them back to school tomorrow…we are not done with them!

Fire Safety packet and poster are both due tomorrow! Both are REQUIRED and count as a part of the health grade.

Math page 109 all and 110 #1-18 due tomorrow.


Tomorrow I will try to remember 🙂 to send home the Schoology parent code specific to your child so you can view their account online.

Wednesday envelopes will be coming home today. There are quite a few things inside.

Fire Safety poster and packet due next Wednesday, do a little each day!!!

Spelling Test and Vocabulary Test Friday.

Yellow Vocabulary Packet page 36 section A, page 37 section A, page 38 sections A and B due Friday.

Flocabulary math assignments due next Wednesday.

Flocabulary homeroom assignments due this Friday.



Spelling Test on Friday. (Long and Short A words)

Vocabulary Test on Friday. (cred, dis, de)

2 Flocabulary online assignments due Friday.

Worksheet 72, all problems due tomorrow.

Fire Safety Packet and Poster due 10-18!

Optional items: Quizlet for science use Barthel4444 to look up science vocabulary and Schoology Fire Safety video (I highly recommend watching as a family) and Schoology water video under science.


The only homework is the Fire Safety Poster and the Fire Safety packet. Both are due October 18th (the Wednesday before fall break).

iPads have been collected for the weekend, but on Monday when they bring them home the kids will be able to access Schoology and share the Reality Check video with you. It is a great thing to watch together and part of the Fire Safety packet last page checklist.