Happy Fall Celebration and stuff!

Today we had a fabulous time! Thank you to all the parents that were able to help and all the parents that donated pumpkins and finally all the parents that were supportive of the fun we had today! (No spelling test or vocabulary test this week due to short time to study.)



The first two donated pumpkins have arrived, how exciting!

Children in my math class have a Flipgrid assignment for Miss Bendickson to do by Friday.

All students in my homeroom may do an introductory Flipgrid, the code is barthel and the directions for what they are to do are in the topic itself.

In reading we were finally able to start rotations! I am so excited to get into some good books and teach a ton of reading skills.

Currently we have 3 adult volunteers helping out in our math class (one day a week for an hour) and 2 adult volunteers committed to helping out in reading by working with 5-6 kids at a time reading aloud(one day a week for an hour).  If you know of anyone perfect for reading with kids or doing math and would be open to volunteering weekly, please let me know.


Just to let kids know, I needed to delete our old Flipgrid to get ready for our new assignment. 😦 So no use trying to find it until after Thursday’s lesson.

Spelling Test Friday (white packet due also)

Vocabulary Test Friday (yellow packet due also)

Math white homework page due tomorrow

WEAR ORANGE TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR UNITY TOMORROW…Uniting against bullying, uniting for kindness, awareness and safety for all!

BOX TOP final fall collection day for contest is tomorrow!




Spelling Lists, Vocabulary Cards, and corrected vocabulary packets from two weeks ago are coming home today.

Spelling Test Friday

Vocabulary Test Friday

Spelling (white) packet due Friday

Vocabulary (yellow) packet due Friday, students know which sections they are to do on their own

Math…white paper with a few typed problems due tomorrow

Thank you to the parents that have emailed about their ability to help with our Fall Celebration!  I will be getting in touch in the next day or two to let those parents know what we still need. 🙂

Pumpkins can start being brought as early as tomorrow!



IMPORTANT!!! 1st science quiz tomorrow.  Kids brought home their study guide, packet and vocabulary cards to study from.  Please make sure they bring them back to school tomorrow…we are not done with them!

Fire Safety packet and poster are both due tomorrow! Both are REQUIRED and count as a part of the health grade.

Math page 109 all and 110 #1-18 due tomorrow.