No spelling words this week!

Vocabulary packet due Friday, vocabulary test will be Friday.

The MCA Reading test is scheduled for Thursday morning for my homeroom students.  Please get a good night’s rest and eat a healthy-brain boosting-breakfast. We will test at 9:30 when we return from music class until lunch. Students not finished by lunch will be allowed to complete the test at a later date/time. This is not a timed test, but it usually takes students around 1 1/2 hours to complete.

Math yellow and green packets are due Friday, students should work a little each night so they are not doing 128 problems on Thursday night!



Great News!

No spelling words/lists will be given for the rest of April!  I want to focus our time and efforts on figurative language, poetry, text structure and genre study as preparation for the MCA tests and the May MAP tests.

Vocabulary will continue as usual and the vocabulary page will be updated weekly to keep up with that expectation.

My math class received two large MCA review packets. We talked about using time wisely and did the math…if a child does 20 problems each night (including weekends) they will be done on time without having too much work to do. The two packets are due in class on Friday morning.  Kids must show their work. There will be time given in class, but the kids may work on the packet at home or at school.

This Week

*******Important!!! Please ask your child to see today’s Wednesday envelope. It contains a yellow paper that asks for your thoughts on next year’s placement for your child.  Remember, you may have a child or children you have asked to have your child separated from in the past and I may have no idea there would be a problem or concern. You may also have a child that you want to have in your child’s class due to great chemistry or helpful nature when they are together.  By filling out this form you are helping me suggest a placement for your child that will be the best learning environment for them next year.  There are no guarantees, but your thoughts are definitely taken into consideration by Mr. Smith, the 4th grade team, Special Education, Mrs. Olson and myself as placements are done.*******

We will have spelling and vocabulary tests on Friday. Both subjects also have a packet to be completed by Friday. The kids have a new Flocabulary assignment about similes and metaphors that is due on Friday. They may do this work at home or at school, it is computer based.

We are working on reviewing a ton of stuff in math as well as learning some things that will be helpful on the MCAs.  Homework will be given every night this week and there will be no homework next week until Friday due to having to cancel math due to testing.  (no math class Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)

My homeroom class tests on Thursday morning. Please make every effort to have your child in attendance. Without a computer lab make-ups are quite a task to find space and time for…so attending the first time would work best.

Science for both classes (Monson and Barthel) is all about magnets this week and next week, then we will move into electricity…it is so fun! There are two tests in this unit. One test after magnets and a final test about magnets and electricity at the end. Kids may use any and all materials from class to study and will be given a test date a few days prior to the test so they know when to start studying.



Family Life

Many kids showed interest in having a book similar to the ones I am listing that they could refer to, to further the discussion at home about puberty and healthy living. I have listed them as a resource only, there is no requirement to buy. If you do purchase, I suggest reading them before you set your child free to read them in case there are things you are not comfortable with introducing at this age, all the books listed are quite gender specific, but sometimes mention the other gender. 🙂 These books have been great conversation starters with my own kids. Clarification on what was taught: we did not cover more than a page or two of any book listed due to time and curriculum restraints.

The Boy’s Body Book….Dunham…boys

What’s happening to me?…Usborne…boys

The Care and Keeping of You…Schaefer…girls


Today is national Pi Day! Order online and get a thin crust Papa Murphy’s pizza for $3.14, go to Cub and get a pie for $3.14…a meal for only $6.28!

Report cards came home today, please contact me with any questions.

Recorder concert is tomorrow. All students are required to attend. Doors open at 6:45 for parents and students. The performance begins at 7.

Field Trip Friday! We are going to the Rogers Movie Theater. Kids can bring money for concessions above and beyond the beverage and popcorn included.  Please pack a lunch since we will return to school after lunch time (we will eat it in our room).

Division has finally clicked! We are wrapping up the unit before spring break and moving into fractions after spring break. 🙂



All read-a-thon envelopes are due tomorrow if we want them to be counted in for prizes…and we do! Please pack them up immediately so your child does not forget in the morning. I am so excited to see all the minutes we read this past month! Remember, envelopes can be turned in late and will be eligible for my classroom rewards but NOT read-a-thon rewards so packing them tonight would be great!

My math class…progress is being made, but we still need all you wonderful parents on board to check our work each night. This long division is a tricky thing, but looking at how the kids have already conquered long multiplication I know they will get this with repetition and a little hard work!


My math class is still hard at work with long division. Please make sure your child is having their work checked by you each evening, especially the long division parts.  The following was today’s homework: Worksheet page 193 numbers 10-11-12 on graph paper and 22-23-24 on graph paper, no other problems on this worksheet will be assigned…we have not worked our long division stamina up to that many problems yet. I would have parents and student in tears if we did that many problems. 🙂 On worksheet 194 I am asking the kids to do 1-4 without graph paper and 5-8 on graph paper. (Parents may want to double check their multi-digit multiplication on 5-8 since we are still new at that concept). Thank you for your support, we have a lot to learn in the next few months and great parents make a world of difference!

Social studies tests came home today. Those kids receiving a 1 should have received an email on how to improve that grade.

LAST DAY OF READ-A-THON IS TOMORROW! I hope we win, I hope we win, I hope we win, but if not…at least we read! I am so impressed with the growth I have seen in many of the readers in this class, another teacher even told me she couldn’t believe how much better we have become since the beginning of the year! Woohoo!

Spelling and vocabulary tests are Friday. The newest lists are up above this post on the Spelling and Vocabulary tabs in case you haven’t seen them yet.

Spelling and vocabulary packets are due Friday.

Lastly, I am just curious to see how many parents are actually reading my posts, so here it goes… if you have a child in my math, homeroom or science classes…your child can earn 10 PBIS points if you contact me with a quick email or even just a response to this entry by clicking on the link/reply spot at the bottom. Include your child’s first name and last initial and the word BLOG in your communication with me. If you would rather, you may also send an old-fashioned 😉 paper note!