Spelling and Vocabulary Tests will be Friday.

Spelling…single page worksheet, read to parent, get signature and return to school by Wednesday. (There is no packet this week due to office printer issues, all worksheets will be single sheets)

Vocabulary Packet will be due Friday.

Math worksheets 129-130. Some kids get pretty confused with rotational symmetry and rotations. I suggested they bring their math book home so parents could read over what they are or I said they could always look under Khan Academy or You Tube on the internet to get some tutorials on the concept.

Gift Exchange…all kids are invited to participate. We will celebrate the end of our 2017 school year a fun gift exchange. Kids may choose to bring in a small item $1 minimum…$5 maximum (some kids today thought there would be no way to find a $1 gift that a 4th grader would like…they crack me up…so I am allowing kids to go a little over the $1 amount if they choose). We will shake dice so each person will get a package. Once everyone has one package if we have any extras (one family already brought in multiple extras!!!) we will continue to shake for the rest of the packages.

The kids also earned their first PBIS rewards all class party! We will do that party on the 21st also.  This party WILL NOT replace their lunch! It will be from 2:30-3:15.  Pizza will be single topping slices from an 8 slice large pizza. I will be providing beverages and a ‘dessert’ treat, they will only need to bring in $1 per slice of pizza. I will have them write this in their planners starting next week. If your child has special dietary needs please contact me via email so we can set up something for them.

Have a great week!

Miss Barthel



Spelling Test and Vocabulary Test tomorrow. Spelling and Vocabulary Packets due tomorrow.

Book Orders due December 11th to ensure delivery before holiday break.

Read to Succeed is going great! Keep track of those minutes!

Toy Drive goes until December 15th.

My math group…Worksheet 127 1-6 only. Worksheet 128 all problems assigned.

Please ask your child if they have enough notebooks for class. My homeroom kids need one for writing. Kids that go to other teachers for math may need a notebook for that also.  We will be starting our daily writing and a notebook helps keep us organized. 🙂

Miss Monson’s Birthday is December 16th…it would be really fun for kids to bring in cards made for her (if they want to do it at home) by Friday the 15th if they would like.  We will deliver them to her that morning. (The cards for Miss Bendickson were so cute, I figure this class is so creative and kind they may want to make another card for their social studies/health teacher.)

Fun stuff is coming up for 4th graders

December 18th…Monday…red and green day

December 19th…Tuesday…Ugly Sweater Day

December 20th…Wednesday…Be Glamorous…we are going to dress up all fancy in anticipation of the New Year arriving…we will be stars! Moonlight Bowling in Phy Ed.

December 21st…Thursday…PJ Day…All School Sing-A-Long…Dice Game in our Classroom ($1 wrapped gifts…voluntary donation…more info to come)



Book Orders due Monday, December 11th.  They will arrive prior to holiday break!  If a parent wants to keep the order a secret please feel free to drop me a quick email. I will leave the books in the office for you when they arrive (if you want to use them as gifts).  We just started the hour of code and I noticed there are some code books on the front of the flyer!

Math worksheet 83.  Tomorrow the kids will be tested on area and perimeter of complex figures so having this checked at home will be very valuable. 🙂

Spelling and vocabulary packets are due Friday. Spelling and vocabulary tests are Friday.

Toy Drive is still going on.

Read to Succeed…remember to record minutes read.

Miss Bendickson’s last day is tomorrow!



Monday…new Trimester Begins!

Spelling and Vocabulary Tests Friday. Pink (vocab) and White (spelling) packets due Friday. They can be brought home each evening to be worked on.

Spelling words for the week are attached to the page above marked Spelling.  Vocabulary words for the week are: homophone, microphone, phonics, saxophone, symphony, reporter, predecessor, physician, pianist, colonist.

New Read to Succeed forms were handed out today. Prizes for 300 minutes by December 21st are Pizza Hut, Barthel Bucks, PBIS points, and indoor recess with a friend!

My math class: Calculating Area and Perimeter final page in packet due tomorrow. Test on the concepts will be Wednesday.

Basswood has a Toy Drive going until shortly before Christmas.

Important Information!

No spelling test this week!

Vocabulary Test is on Thursday. The pink packet that goes along with the words is due Thursday.

Monson and Barthel homerooms…Science FINAL tests are Thursday. Kids were encouraged to bring vocabulary cards and study guides home today and begin studying! They may practice on Quizlet, the code is barthel4444…and they can then touch ‘classes’ and the science should pop up, when they touch the science it will let them choose Investigation 1, 2, or 3.  All three are great for review for the final test.

Health for Barthel homeroom…review pages 136-137 and test page 139 are both due tomorrow! These are questions that need to be answered using the health book and a separate sheet of paper.  The kids have had 2 1/2 days in class to work on this as well as being allowed to bring home their book and pages.

Miss Bendickson and I have checked backpacks and desks and been assured by the kids that they are taking their work home and being responsible. 🙂

Thank you and have a great night!


Recorder karate packet should be at home by now. Kids can practice and submit tests to Mrs. W-K via their iPads.  If you have not seen the recorder karate packet, please ask your child to locate it and begin practicing.

Time for Kids due tomorrow.

Flocabulary Thanksgiving due tomorrow.

Dream house due tomorrow if it was not already turned in.

Kids should bring a charged iPad to school every day! Please make sure they are adding this responsibility to their routine. We use them quite often.

Timberwolves Read to Succeed is going great! We already have 10 kids that have reached their 500 minutes! Remember, kids have until December 1st to turn in their completed slips of paper to get their rewards. 🙂