Field Trip

The coordinator of the River Rendezvous field trip has promised to contact us tomorrow before 7am to let us know if the trip is canceled. As of tonight they are still planning on business as usual. I will send an email if we have to cancel. Sorry, nature is throwing a wrench in our ability to know the plan for sure until the morning.


My math class has homework in their student book. Page 4 titled How Many Erasers is to be completed at home tonight, checked by an adult and returned (do not tear out of book) tomorrow. We will go over our work in class.

Wear brown to support kindergarten colors.

Book Orders due Friday…the link is to the right of this post on desk top computers…not sure where links are on the mobile version, but my link and code is on this page somewhere.

Kids that want a few more Barthel Bucks can bring in signed yes/no slips that were sent home yesterday with a note.

Spelling and vocabulary tests will be Friday.

The field trip is Thursday, rain or shine. Prepare for rain and hope for shine!

I will be out of the building tomorrow, if you have an urgent need or request please call the office and they will direct you to someone that can help you.

Monday…real stuff

Spelling and vocabulary lists were handed out in class today. Kids may bring home both lists to study during the week. All kids will have a test on how to spell the spelling words and how to use the vocabulary words in context or in comparison to other words on the last day of the week, most often Friday. As a parent, I like to have a back up in case my child forgets their list, so if you look to the top of this blog you will see a page for Spelling and one for Vocabulary.  I try to keep this updated throughout the year so kids can study each night even if they forget to bring the words home or are absent on a Monday.

There is no math homework tonight for my math class.

So far we have had 4 kids bring in $1 so they can wear pjs on Friday for PJammin day to benefit Childhood Cancer Awareness…money can be brought in through Friday.



Gasp, I kept the iPad for the weekend…

Whenever the kids don’t have an active assignment on their iPads I will be keeping them over the weekend. It is a great time for them to be unplugged a little, enjoy life and people around them a lot, and leave their friend (the iPad) for a while to see if survival without it is possible.  🙂

Field Trip coming up on Thursday. Cold lunch is needed, reusable water bottles are allowed and encouraged…they have refill stations of purified water. Dress for the weather and bring a backpack (we take it on the trip to hold our layers of clothing, water bottle and lunch).  We are outside sitting on the ground or hay bales most of the day.  Kids may bring a little spending money, if their parent allows.  There is a little trinket/candy shop on the site and homemade kettle corn for sale.

Pjammin day is Friday of next week. For just a $1 donation toward childhood cancer awareness students can wear pajamas to school next Friday. Larger donations not necessary, but accepted. Kids can bring money starting Monday.

My math class had their first homework today. They should do page 2 in their Student Book (don’t tear out) and get it checked by an adult at home.  It should be finished and checked by class time on Monday.

Wear purple Monday to support our kindergartners.

Have a wonderful and restful weekend,


Miss Barthel

(in the spirit of full disclosure my son cheers for that other team, the green and gold one…I may even dig up a picture of him in his cheese head gear for an upcoming post)


iPads Have Arrived!!!

Yesterday each 4th grader received their iPad, prior to that each family should have received a district-sent email detailing iPad deployment.  Please feel free to ask if you have questions, I can pass your questions on to the correct person.

Classroom expectations for the iPads:

  • iPads must be at 80% or above when a student arrives at school to keep the privilege of taking the iPad home on weeknights
  • iPads will not come home on Fridays or the last day of the week prior to the weekend unless there is an assignment due on them that must be worked on over the weekend
  • iPads must be brought to school each day
  • chargers do not need to be brought to school each day and in fact, if your child has not lost their bringing home the iPad privilege should never be brought to school until the end of the year
  • parents are ultimately in control of their child’s iPad usage at home, zero to unlimited it is your choice

Today we began math. We started off with a group activity and will progress from there.

Tomorrow kids are encouraged to wear border battle (Vikings/Packers) clothing or blue to support kindergarten’s color focus.


Miss Barthel

(my daughter, Belle is second from the right kneeling)


Tomorrow kindergartners are learning about the color yellow, feel free to wear yellow in support!

There will be our first evacuation drill (fire drill) tomorrow afternoon. Our class has already practiced, but I will spend some time in the morning preparing them for the drill. Feel free to let your student know that the drill will be tomorrow.

No homework tonight, but don’t worry parents, next week we will start spelling and vocabulary and both will require nightly practice. 🙂