Monday…no school

Math…we worked with three digit times one digit multiplication, there is a worksheet due Tuesday

Spelling and Vocabulary, new lists are now posted for next week




Tomorrow we will have the spelling and vocabulary tests for the words listed above.  The pink and white packets associated with spelling and vocabulary are due tomorrow as well. There will be spelling and vocabulary next week.  Look for the lists to be added to my sight tomorrow evening.

Math…the kids have been doing great with traditional multiplication and will be bringing home work tonight that must be done on graph paper to count as completed.  Worksheet 151 1-11 must have the work shown and completed on graph paper.  Worksheet 152 numbers 1-9 should be completed by doing the work on graph paper.  I am a stickler for using graph paper, but do not care if they use the size I have provided or the smaller size many older kids use. Graph paper is a must for keeping kids organized and their columns straight. Tomorrow we are starting 3 digit times 1 digit multiplication problems, only a couple more steps, yet sometimes it is challenging for kids. Please keep an eye open for homework on Friday also, don’t wait until late Sunday night to ask about homework. 🙂

Art…Mrs. Monson’s homeroom students only…Tertiary artwork and Shades artwork are both due tomorrow as well as the optional PBIS bonus artworks.  Mood inspired artwork is due next Friday, February 2nd.


Vocabulary and spelling tests Friday. The lists are on pages above in case you have not seen them at home yet.

Vocabulary and spelling packets will be due on Friday and are part of each student’s grade also.

Math homework is in the math book again tonight. Workbook page 230 7-12, please have your child show all their work on a separate piece of paper.  Tomorrow we begin traditional multiplication…wish us luck!



We have been working an 1-digit times 2-digit multiplication.  We are using a method called the rectangle method right now, but tomorrow will be starting traditional (like most parents learned to do).  Your child is welcome to use either method or any other you teach them, as long as they can explain their work to me and are able to be successful with the method on their own.  Please work on basic fact memorization with your child to help with accuracy and speed, without basic fact knowledge many kids are struggling to get the correct answer. They may use the fact chart I gave them. It is better to use it and have the facts right than to do the whole process correctly only to get the wrong answer because of messing up a fact!

Tonight’s math homework for my math class is workbook pages 227-228, work must be shown on a separate sheet of paper!

Reading Resolution

Still 2 weeks left for kids to fill out their reading minute sheets and turn them in for great prizes!

Spelling and Vocabulary tests will be on Friday this week with the packets due Friday as well.  I have typed a new list on the spelling page and am going to add a vocabulary page as well, in case any kids forget their words at school. 🙂


RECORDER homework…have you seen your child’s recorder karate homework packet?  If not, your child may be behind in their practice for the spring concert and for their winter grade!  Please encourage them to practice and submit songs to Mrs. W-K at least once a week, if not more.  If you have no idea what the packet is, please feel free to contact Mrs. W-K to find out more information. 🙂

Math homework is worksheets 137-138 for homework.


Glamorous today…pjs tomorrow!

PJ day tomorrow.

Spelling test tomorrow!

Pizza $1 a slice tomorrow at 2:30…still time to bring money, if your child does not like pizza they may bring an extra snack to eat at that time.

The kids have made small gifts for their parent(s).  Please remind them to take them out of their backpack so they don’t forget to give them to you during the holidays! 🙂

Gift Exchange tomorrow…still time to bring a gift between $1-$5.