Last week of Read-a-thon. As I mentioned to many at conferences…I want to win! Read and record on the envelope and please turn it in by Thursday at the latest so we are eligible for prizes. Pledges are great too, but you can turn in a calendar with just reading minutes if pledges are something you could not afford to do!

My math class…a big multiplication assignment was assigned for the weekend. It is a worksheet with MANY basic facts to figure out and then color. On Monday we are heading back into long division. Parents…math homework is a daily thing M-F so please ask your child to bring it home each evening to have an adult check it over, this is the only way they will pick up the concepts in a timely manner, you are their one on one time…I can do small groups but never have the time to meet with individuals which is what a child really needs to learn a tough concept if they are struggling…as a team we can succeed!

Spelling and vocabulary lists are updated tonight for next week.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Barthel



Conferences tonight, tomorrow morning and tomorrow night! Call the office to set up a time if you haven’t already. 🙂

Spelling and vocabulary tests will be Thursday this week. Vocabulary packet is due Thursday also, there is no spelling packet this week.

Math worksheets A49-50 due tomorrow.

Science Investigation 2 is wrapping up, we will quiz on Thursday if all goes as planned. A study guide, or at least the vocabulary cards will come home starting tomorrow.


Read 20 minutes today for the Read-a-thon!

Math worksheet 165 numbers 4-8 show all work on graph paper. Math white packet due Thursday the 15th, work on it a little each day so you don’t have a bunch to do at the last minute!

Tertiary Art project due Friday



Read 20 minutes each night and record it on the Read-a-Thon sheet!

Spelling and Vocabulary Tests are Friday. New lists are attached via the pages listed on the top of this BLOG page.

Math Worksheet 165 1-4 and 167 1-4 (166 and 168 were assigned Friday and due today, these pages are the other side of today’s work)


Valentine’s Day

As I walk into stores I see the display of Valentine cards. In case you like to plan ahead…yes, we do exchange cards. No, we do not make fancy boxes. There are 30 students in our class, children do not need to write specific names on their cards…it makes it quicker to pass them out. Yes, there is a party. No, it is not super cool like in 3rd grade or younger.  4th graders are so mature that we just have fun hanging out and getting cards and treats the very last part of our day! 😉

Read-a-thon Begins Today!

In conjunction with monthly reading incentives I have been giving kids, our classroom is participating in the Basswood Read-a-Thon!  The 4th grade classroom with the most minutes read (outside of school, cannot be in school as I have allowed in past reading incentives) will win a hot chocolate and popcorn party.  I have told the kids I will up the anti and say we get to have a PJ day and movie on the same day if we are the winning class!  All students should be recording their minutes each night.  Pledges are great, but the reading minutes is what I am focused on for classroom rewards.  If a child gets 400 minutes for the month of February, for instance, they can get a pass to skip one vocabulary packet! 300 minutes will earn a pass to go to the front of the lunch line for one day! 560+ minutes read will earn 100 Barthel Bucks to spend as they wish in the Barthel Boutique!  Let’s do this! I know every one of my students is capable of getting to 560 minutes…we can win this thing!!!

Spelling and vocabulary tests are tomorrow and both packets are due tomorrow.

Conference sign up is open so please use the link given by the office to sign up for a time.  I look forward to seeing many parents.  If you are not comfortable using the computer, feel free to call the office to set up a time.

Time For Kids is due Monday morning.

Math…WOW! We started with 2 digit times 2 digit multiplication today.  I am so proud of these kids they were doing so well! Please make sure you are looking over and double checking their work and make sure their work is on graph paper for neatness and forming good habits.  I cannot believe how quickly they have caught on and want to make sure they do not learn bad habits because they forgot a step from our lesson once they are working at home. Thank you in advance for your help.

Science quiz tomorrow for Miss Barthel’s homeroom class! Investigation 1 is being wrapped up with a quiz on vocabulary and the concepts taught.

Stay warm!

Miss B


Math…Worksheet 155-156 students wrote down exact problems to do.

Vocabulary Test Friday will only contain the -rupt words, the number words are for exposure and will help on the packet work

Spelling Test Friday

Conference scheduling opens tomorrow, I am not sure of the time it opens…just reminding you!

By the time all was said and done we had only 4 kids out today.  Still…please feel empowered to keep your child home if they are exhibiting any signs of illness. Both my own children have came down with influenza symptoms in the last two days and even though they are missing school, I really do feel keeping them away from others is the best thing I could do for their sake and the sake of the ones they could infect.