Math worksheet 70 due tomorrow.  Please do not attempt worksheet 69, we did not finish our lesson on factorization so the kids would be lost!

FIREFIGHTERS are visiting tomorrow! We will learn about the poster contest and fire safety habits, students will also have a fire safety family assignment.


Conferences start tomorrow and are also Tuesday and Thursday of next week.  Please call the office if you need help signing up.

Please remind your child to bring their iPad to school each day (and have it charged)! The children know my expectation, but sometimes need reminders and help getting into good charging/packing habits.

Thank you!



Spelling test Friday on challenging plurals list 3.

Vocabulary test Friday on root word PHOTO (light) and prefixes IM- IL- IN (not).

The graded spelling test from last week came home last Friday.

The graded vocabulary test from last week will come home tomorrow.

My math class only has a 1 page homework assignment tonight. They are to complete the paper that says Unit 1 Quick Quiz 1 by tomorrow. It is not a quiz, just homework to review what we have learned.

Book orders were placed today. It usually takes a week to receive the books.

Conferences begin Thursday.




Bring water bottle, dress for the weather, dress for fun, bring Fun Run envelopes loaded with cash back to school! 🙂

Math assignment, worksheets 65-66 due Monday. We do not have math tomorrow due to Fun Run and DARE.


Spelling and Vocabulary tests are tomorrow!


Bus Safety test tomorrow!

Recorder information came home in Wednesday envelopes.

Math assignment, worksheet 64

Spelling Test Friday.

Vocabulary Test Friday.

Fun Run Friday.

Book Orders due Friday.





iPad deployment, please send back to school each day full charged. I have sent an email describing what my plan is…for now.

Math worksheets 61-62, all problems on both sides are assigned.

Bus Safety Test will be on Thursday. Mrs. Monson will be the health and social studies teacher for my class this year. Questions regarding these subjects can be asked of Mrs. Monson via email at any time.

Spelling Test on -er and -est words is Friday.

Vocabulary test on ir- non- and graph will be on Friday.

Fun Run is Friday.

Book Orders due Friday.


Today kids brought home their first vocabulary lists.  There are a total of 10 words. The root word is graph and the prefixes are ir- and non- These words will be the focus of their quiz on Friday.  They do not need to spell the words correctly, but must understand the meaning of the words.  The sheets they brought home can be cut apart for studying like flashcards or you may leave them in one piece and fold them.  We will be working with the words this week at school, but extra study at home would help!

Spelling tests last week had such great results, thank you parents for helping kids study at home! This week our words all are comparative (er and est endings). Test is Friday.

iPad release day is tomorrow! If you have filled out the FeePay insurance form, your child will bring their iPad home tomorrow night for the first time.

Math homework on word problems and basic facts.  Workbook page 66, many kids finished this in class. Worksheet 60 number 1-14 and 19-20.

Fun Run Friday!

BOOK ORDERS DUE FRIDAY! See the link in the upper right hand corner of this page to order online or paper order is fine too.



Thursday…almost there!

Good afternoon!

It sounds like the field trip was a  big success, thank you to all the chaperones who attended as well as all the adults that help prepare their child for such a fun day!  Miss Bendickson had great things to say about the kids on the trip.  I was not able to attend due to a very long appointment in the afternoon that could not be rescheduled. 😦

Math Homework (my math group only) is worksheet 57 numbers 1 and 2 as well as worksheet 58 1-42 and 19-21

Spelling test is tomorrow.  I am still figuring out the spelling routine for this year so please help your child study at home in preparation for the test as we did not have a ton of class time to study here.

Fun Run donations can be turned in any time between now and the Fun Run.

Tomorrow is wear all colors, or ‘rainbow’ day for kindergartners and any students that want to support their color review they have done for the past two weeks.

I sent home an email about volunteer opportunities for 4th graders, all activities are optional, deadline of September 27th is firm.